What We Do

Moorland Surgical Supplies LTD is an independent dispensing appliance contractor specialising in Stoma and Continence care.

We have been providing first class professional care to patients since 1993, and pride ourselves on offering our customers friendly and expert advice.

Moorland offer a one stop service to patients with continence issues and stomas; taking the hassle out of arranging and ordering the most suitable products and delivering them straight to your door at no cost at all.

As an independent company Moorland is completely committed to helping you make the right choices that suit you. Our focus is to find solutions to your problems using whichever products you decide you want to use.

We aim to take the hassle out of ordering products, obtaining a prescription and arranging a convenient delivery. Best of all, all aspects of the Moorland service are free!

Moorland Surgical Supplies is a member of the Urology Trade Association (UTA). Set up in 2007, the UTA aim to protect and promote the NHS Drug Tariff as the preferred mechanism to support research, innovation and development in the urology industry. For more information on the association, please visit www.urologytradeassociation.com

Moorland Surgical Supplies is proud member of the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA), the UK's oldest and largest healthcare association. For more information on the association visit www.bhta.com