Guidelines for Nephrostomy patients

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Changing Ostomy Appliances

Prepare all the necessary equipment needed. A plastic box or toilet bag is ideal for keeping everything together and on hand for easy access.

It should include:-

  • Dressing Pack
  • New bag cut to accommodate the tap of the Nephrostomy tube.
  • Warm Water

Always prepare the new appliance before removing the old one, where necessary cut the hole to size.

Advice following insertion of Nephrostomy Drain tube

It is important to wash your hands before and after emptying the urine bag, as this will help reduce infection.

The Nephrostomy drainage bag should be kept below hip height to help drainage.

Baths or showers may be taken with the Nephrostomy tube in situ, however, specific advice will need to be given as if the dressing gets wet it will need to be changed.

You should drink 2-3 litres (5-6 pints) per day.

A larger drainage bag may be attached overnight, this should be changed daily.

The District Nurse will visit to ensure all is well.

Further supplies of your equipment can be obtained from Moorland.

If you have been prescribed antibiotics it is important that you complete the course.

If you experience any problems at home, or if:

  • You do not pass any urine through your Nephrostomy tube and you get uncomfortable
  • Your stitch around the tube breaks or becomes detached
  • Your nephrostomy tube falls out
  • Your urine becomes offensive smelling, discoloured or contains blood
  • You experience worsening pain from your tube site

Do not hesitate to contact your G.P. or District Nurse or the hospital where you had the drain tube inserted.

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