Guidelines for parents

(benefits of a urinary sheath system)

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The Urinary Sheath System: Information for Parents

This leaflet is intended to offer information on an alternative way of managing your child’s urinary incontinence. It explains how the urinary sheath works and the benefits it could offer your child. This will allow you and your child to make an informed choice of whether it is an option of management your child might like to try.

The Urinary System

Urine is produced by the kidneys and then transported into two tubes called ureters down into the bladder. When the bladder becomes full, a signal is sent to the brain to tell the bladder to contract and the urethral sphincter to relax. The urine then passes down the urethral tube and out of the body.

What is the urinary sheath?

There are many varieties of sheaths available, made of silicone, synthetic polymer composite materials. These materials make the sheath comfortable to use. It is important that the correct size of sheath is used as this will prevent leakage, increasing your child’s confidence in their chosen management system. The sheath can be worn for 24 hours and then must be removed and a new one applied. As the sheath system is fitted externally and your child’s urethra remains closed until your child needs to wee, there is no opportunity for bugs to get in and cause infection. The sheaths and urine collection bags can be discarded in a bag and put in the household bin.

As your child gets older and larger the idea of using nappies or pads may become less appealing to both your child and yourself. This system will enable your child to be free from wearing bulky nappies or pads; if your child has faecal incontinence a smaller pad can be used.

The worry of finding a place to change your child when they are wet will be replaced with the freedom to take your child into a toilet or private place and empty the urine from the leg-bag into a jug or bottle to empty down the toilet or dispose of at a more convenient time. This will encourage your child to continue drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses a day.

What is the Urinary Sheath System?

The sheath system consists of a urinary sheath that is attached to either a urine collection leg-bag during the daytime, or a night drainage bag for overnight. The leg-bag can be discreetly secured to your child’s thigh so that he can wear shorts in summer, or to his lower leg if he is wearing long trousers. At night, a stand would be used to hold the collection bag.