Useful Products / Services

Helpful products for any ostomate

Radar Key
The National Radar Key scheme offers people who have a more urgent need to use disabled toilet facilities, independent access to the 9,000 accessible locked toilets around the country. Providers of disabled toilets fit radar locks to ensure their facilities are in good condition, and carriers of these keys can have immediate access whenever needed. Radar keys are available on Amazon or free from Moorland Surgical Supplies.

Some stoma patients will be exempt from paying a prescription charge. Your stoma nurse or GP will be able to inform you whether you are eligible for this, and if so an exemption certificate form can be obtained from the Family Health Services Authority.

Clinical Waste Services
Many Ostomates are concerned with how to dispose of their clinical waste, such as used flanges and pouches. Some home delivery companies will collect your clinical waste when they deliver your products; otherwise some local authorities with provide a clinical waste collection service. Contact them directly to see if this service is available in your area.