Guidelines for new Stoma patients

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Changing Ostomy Appliances

Prepare all the necessary equipment needed prior to pouch removal. A plastic box or toilet bag is ideal for keeping everything together and on hand for easy access.

It should include:-

  • New appliances
  • Disposal Bags
  • Wipes (to clean the stoma)
  • Template (if required)
  • Scissors (if required)
  • Toilet paper for drying skin
  • Adhesive remover (if required)

Always prepare the new appliance before removing the old one, where necessary cut the hole to size and apply a pouch clamp (if required).

If the appliance is drainable, empty as directed before changing.

Starting at the top and supporting the skin remove the appliance gently. Cleanse with water and wipes and then dry stoma and surrounding area thoroughly with toilet paper.

NB Do not flush wipes down the toilet. Dispose of them along with your used stoma appliance in the disposal bags provided.

Remove the backing paper from the appliance and re-position carefully, ensuring it is very smooth and stuck firmly to the skin.

Disposal of Appliances

The soiled appliance, wipes etc. should be placed in the disposal bags provided and sealed. This can then be disposed of in the dustbin or in some areas where clinical waste is collected separately by the local authority.

It is important to keep the surrounding skin in good condition as this helps to prevent leaks. Check the skin each time the appliance is changed and if the skin is at all sore, seek help from your Stoma Care Nurse.

Only use accessories as recommended to you by your Stoma Care Nurse. Not everyone needs to use barrier creams, protective wipes or powders.

Avoid changing the appliance too often thus preventing skin damage; push the skin away from the adhesive rather than pulling the adhesive from the skin.

From time to time re-measure the size of your stoma to ensure the appliance fits snugly around it.

NB – These handy hints and tips are only intended as a supplement to those given to you from your Stoma Care Nurse.