Guidelines for the application of self adhesive penile sheaths

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Applying a self-adhesive Penile Sheath


Using the measuring guide supplied, correctly measure the penis around the glans (head of the penis).

Wash the area with soap and water, ensuring that the area is dried thoroughly.

Do not use talcum powder or creams as this will prevent the sheath from sticking to the penis.

It is necessary to trim the pubic hair to ensure an adequate seal and to prevent the discomfort that this otherwise may cause.

Apply a protective dressing wipe to create a barrier between the sheath and skin. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Do not use the wipes if the skin is broken or sore.

Applying the sheath

Remove the sheath from the packet. Place the rolled end of the sheath over the glans, leaving a small gap between the end of the penis and the cup of the sheath. (If you are not circumcised leave the foreskin forward, do not retract it.)

Slowly unroll the sheath down the shaft of the penis ensuring that there are no creases and the sheath has stuck evenly to the area.

Try not to leave any unrolled sheath at the base of the shaft of the penis.

Extra security can be given if needed with the use of Urifix tape or sheath liners

Connection of leg/night bags

Connect the leg or night bag by inserting the tapered connector into the sheath, pushing firmly to ensure a leak-proof connection.

Make sure there are no kinks in the tubing and the bag is positioned correctly on the leg or on a stand at the bedside to ensure good drainage.

Removing the sheath

This should be done carefully, either in the bath or shower. If you are unable to do this, wrap a warm flannel around the sheath to help loosen the adhesive then roll the sheath gently down the penis, easing the skin away from the sheath.

Adhesive remover wipes or sprays are also available to help with removal.

The sheath should be changed every 24 hours. Leg bags should be used for 5-7 days. Disposable night bags should be used for one night only and then discarded.

Store sheaths in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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