Travel Care for Ostomates

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There are no reasons why Ostomates should not feel comfortable travelling at home, or abroad, on business trips, day trips or holidays.

Some patients may experience a small increase in flatus when flying, due to the changes in atmospheric pressure, but releasing this is simple with modern pouches through a flatus filter.

Facilities for changing your pouch are adequate, if a little cramped, on boats and planes.

Ostomates should be encouraged to think carefully about the type of accommodation they choose, particularly for holidays abroad with regard to the type of food available and whether the local water is safe. The patient’s GP will be able to advise on medication which could need to be taken, to combat diarrhoea or travel sickness for example.

In particular Ileostomists must be warned of the effect of excessive sweating in a hot climate and should be reminded of the need to drink extra fluid to compensate. They may also need to change their appliance more often than usual.