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“Pancaking” is a term used when referring to a firmer, stickier stool which does not drop to the bottom of the stoma appliance and sits over the stoma. This then dries and forms a layer and when the stoma works again this can lead to the pouch being lifted away from the skin and leakages occur.

What can I do to resolve this?

Unfortunately this is not an easy problem to solve but various remedies can be tried:

  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids unless you have been advised by your doctor to restrict how much you drink.
  • Before fitting the pouch and before removing the flange backing paper, rub a small amount of either baby oil, cooking oil, olive oil or Vaseline inside the opening to the appliance. This will encourage the stool to slide down to the bottom of the pouch. Ensure this does not touch the adhesive area.
  • Get a square of toilet tissue scrunched up into a ball. Again before you apply the pouch, place the scrunches up tissue in through the opening to the pouch and shake the pouch until the tissue drops to the bottom of the pouch. The aim of this is to prevent the pouch from sucking onto the stoma.
  • All boxes of pouches contain a strip of adhesive discs/filter covers. Peel one of these discs from the strip and place over the filter on your pouch. This again will prevent the pouch from sucking onto the stoma. The adhesive disc can be removed to release excess flatus.

If the above suggestions do not seem to work individually or in combination, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Nursing Team for advice.

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